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David A. Roozen

David Roozen Professor of Religion and Society, retired

B.A. (Lawrence University)
M.A. (Florida State)
Ph.D. (Emory)

National Religious Trends, Organizational Change

email: roozen@hartsem.edu
phone: (860) 509-9546

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"There is as much ignorance as there is concern about intolerance today. The most fully developed literature we have on the subject is that dealing with race and ethnicity. Although of critical importance in its own right, this literature also provides a necessary foundation for our engagement of other “others” - e.g., gender, faith, class, sexual preference. They and We: Racial and Ethnic Relations in the United States by Peter I. Rose, a text I use in my American Pluralism course, is a readily accessible introduction to this literature. Test your prejudices against it.

No one can begin to adequately understand the social-economic-political situation of any of the multiple, interconnected places within which one lives if one does not grasp the significance of globalization’s essential paradox - the simultaneous ascent of homogenizing global capitalism and intolerant re-tribalization. The Lexus and the Olive Tree: Understanding Globalization by Thomas L. Friedman is simply the best, popularly written portal into this paradox.

Want to know more about all those rumors you have heard about a new paradigm of church vitality. Read Reinventing American Protestantism: Christianity in the New Millennium by Donald E. Miller. But beware: if you’re old-line or invested in organ music and social justice, this must read story about real movements will be more challenging than affirming."

Biographical Sketch and Interests
David focuses on national religious trends and organizational change.

Courses Taught

World Religions and Worldly Politics: Church/State Relations Around the World
Seven Approaches to Congregational Renewal
D.Min. Colleague Seminar I II IV
American Pluralism
Congregational Studies Reading Seminar Series
Paths to Parish Vitality



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