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Sociology of Religion

About the Field - This section contains a brief description of the discipline of Sociology of Religion.

Professional Associations - A listing of academic associations and societies with connections to the sociology of religion can be found in this section.

Research Centers - This section provides descriptions of and links to many of the Centers and Institutes that study religion.

Sociologists of Religion - This section supplies links to web sites of many sociologists of religion (both current and historic).

Online Syllabi - Find links to web-based syllabi of professors teaching sociology of religion.

Online Articles & Bibliography - This section offers links to articles written by sociologists of religion and two brief bibliographies.

Religion Data - This section offers a variety of diverse links to census information, surveys of religion beliefs and atitudes, research and other resources to facilitate the scientific study of religion.

Research Methods - This section provides resources and links to information about various methods of the social scientific study of religion.

Practical Resources for Sociologists - A section designed to offer tips on a variety of subjects including presentation skills, interacting with the media, and job searching for sociologists of religion.

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