Table of Contents  

William McKinney (Pacific School of Religion) and Mary A. Tolbert (GTU)

Scott Thumma and Edward Gray

Part I: Denominational Heritage Expressions

  • Part I Introduction
  • Gay Gods of the City: The Emergence of the Gay and Lesbian Ethnic Parish
    Leonard Norman Primiano
  • Reconciling Congregations Bridging Gay and Straight Communities
    Wendy Cadge
  • No Longer an Oxymoron: Integrating Gay and Lesbian Seventh-day Adventist Identities
    René Drumm
  • Why Join A Gay Synagogue?
    Moshe Shokeid
  • Latter-Day Saint Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Spirituality
    Richley Crapo
  • Sexuality and Gender in Santería: LGBT Identities at the Crossroads of Santería Religious Practices and Beliefs 
    Salvador Vidal-Ortiz
  • Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Buddhist Practitioners
    Wendy Cadge
  • Shades of Grey or Back to Nature? The Enduring Qualities of Ex-Gay Ministries
    Christy Ponticelli
Part II: Sectarian Expressions
  • Part II Introduction
  • Pluralism and Diversity: Music as Discourse and Information in a Gay and Lesbian Congregation
    Bernard Lukenbill
  • "St Gerard Teaches Him That Love Cancels That Out" Devotion to St. Gerard Maiella Among Italian American Catholic Gay Men in Newark, New Jersey
    Peter Savastano
  • A Religion of One's Own: Gender and LGBT Religiosities
    Melissa Wilcox
  • Liberation in Truth: African American Lesbians Reflect on Religion, Spirituality, and Their Church
    Aryana Bates
  • Utopian Imaginaries and Faerie Practice: Mapping Routes of Relational Agency
    Jay Hasbrouck
  • Queering the Dragonfest: Changing Sexualities in a Post- Patriarchal Religion
    Mary Jo Neitz
Part III: Popular Expressions
  • Part III Introduction
  • The Gospel Hour: Liminality, Identity, & Religion in a Gay Bar
    Edward R. Gray and Scott Thumma
  • Intermediaries: Spirit and Transcendence in a Sample of "Third Gendered" North Americans
    Ingrid Sell
  • Rite to Party: Circuit Parties and Religious Experience
    Paul Gorrell
  • The Harvey Milk Show: Violence, Desire, and Gay Popular Culture
    Edward R. Gray
  • Gay Men's Spiritual Experience in the Leather Community
    Thomas Peterson
  • The Spirit Within: Gay Male Culture as a Spiritual Venue
    Donald Boisvert
  • Conclusion: Gay Religion as a Cultural Production
    R. Marie Griffith
Appendix: LGBT Religious Support and Advocacy Group Information