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Bibliographic Resources

One Woman’s Partial and Idiosyncratic Guide to Recent Literature in Sociology of Religion Prepared by Nancy T. Ammerman, November, 2001

Searchable bibliographic database Sociology of Religion Bibliography by Anthony J. Blasi (Ph.D. in Sociology, University of Notre Dame) Professor of Sociology at Tennessee State University. Database resides on ARDA's website.

Ammerman, Nancy   

Doing Good in American Communities:  Congregations and Service Organizations Working Together
A research report written by Nancy T. Ammerman from the Organizing Religious Work project.

New life for denominationalism
Reprinted with permission from The Christian Century (2000).

Golden Rule Christianity:  Lived Religion in the American Mainstream
Reprinted from LIVED RELIGION IN AMERICA (Buy it now) edited by David Hall (1997), published by Princeton University Press.

Organized Religion in a Voluntaristic Society
1996 Presidential Address in Sociology of Religion, 1997 (available online and in .pdf format)

Telling Congregational Stories
The 1993 H. Paul Douglass lecture, in Review of Religious Research

Waco, Federal Law Enforcement, and Scholars of Religion
Reprinted from ARMAGEDDON IN WACO (Buy it now) published by the University of Chicago, copyright© 1995 by The University of Chicago. 

Report to the Justice and Treasury Departments regarding law enforcement interaction with the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas, September 3, 1993

Bartkowski, John

Religious Civility, Civil Society, and
Charitable Choice:
  Faith–Based Poverty
Relief in the Post–Welfare Era

with co-investigator Helen A. Regis

"Charitable Choice" and the Feasibility of Faith-Based Welfare Reform in Mississippi
with Helen A. Regis

Breaking Walls, Raising Fences: Masculinity, Intimacy, and Accountability Among the Promise Keepers

Becker, Penny Edgell

Congregations Adapting to Changes in Work and Family a paper prepared for the New England Religious Discussion Society, September, 1999

Work, Family, and Religious Involvement for Men and Women:  "Family Values" or
the Modern Family?
a paper contrasting the participation levels between men and women in religious environments, March 2000

Bellah, Robert   home page for Robert Bellah

Cultural Identity and Modernization
A lecture at the Centennial Symposium, Institute for Japanese Culture and Classics Kokugakuin University, 1983

Why do we need a Public Affairs Mission?  The Moral Crisis in American Public Life
a lecture given at Southwest Missouri State University, October 17, 1995

The True Scholar
An article posted on the web site for the American Association of University Professors.

At Home and Not At Home:  Religious Pluralism and Religious Truth

Finding the Church:  Post Traditional Discipleship

Individualism and the Crisis of Civic Membership

Taming the Savage Market

with Christopher Adams
Strong Institutions, Good City

Benson, Peter

Belief Style, Congregation Climate and Program Quality
Written with Michael Donahue

Berger, Peter

Epistemological Modesty: An Interview with Peter Berger

Protestantism and the Quest for Certainty

Secularity:  West and East

Reflections of an Ecclesiastical Expatriate

Beyer, Peter 

Postmodernism and Religion
From Catholic Issues, an online journal.

Secularization from the Perspective of Globalization: A Response to Dobbelaere

Bibby, Reginald

Religion in the Canadian 1990's: The Paradox of Poverty and Potential

Bloch, John

The New and Improved Clint Eastwood: Change and Persistence in Promise Keepers Self-Help Literature
From Sociology of Religion, September 6, 2000

Bouma, Gary

Increasing Diversity in Religious Identification in Australia: Comparing 1947, 1991 and 1996 Census Reports

Brasher, Brenda

Women at the End of the World:  Fundamentalist Millenarianism As An Engendering Machine 

Engendering the Millenium, a special issue of the Journal of Millenial Studies
Co-edited series of articles with Lee Quinby (Journal of Millennial Studies Vol. 2, Issue 1, Summer, 1999)

The Cyborg:  Technological Socialization and Its Link to the Religious Function of Popular Culture

Bromley, David

A Tale of Two Theories: Brainwashing and Conversion as Competing Political Narratives 

Bruce, Steve

Christianity in Britain, R. I. P.

Y2K, The Apocalypse, and Evangelical Christianity: The Role of Eschatological Belief in Church Responses

Campbell, George Van Pelt

Everything You Know is Wrong:  How Globalization Undermines Moral Consensus

Carroll, Jackson W.

Toward 2000:  Some Futures for Religious Leadership
The 1991 H. Paul Douglass lecture for the Religious Research Association.

Growth and Decline in Presbyterian Congregations
Written with Wayne L. Thompson and Dean R. Hoge

Chang, Patricia M.Y.

Enforcing Family Values? The Effects of Marital Status on Clergy Earnings

The Clergy Job Market: What are the opportunities for ministry in the 21st century?

Are Phone Polls Accurate?  A research note about telephone polls in the media

Chaves, Mark

The National Congregations Study:  Background, Methods and Selected Results

Financing American Religion

Congregations and Social Services: What They Do, How They Do It, and With Whom  
A report by Mark Chaves and William Tsitsos, as part of the Nonprofit Sector Research Fund Working Paper Series (2001)

Are We 'Bowling Alone' -- And Does it Matter?

Cieslak, Michael 

Which Elements of Parish Life are Important to Women?
Presented at the annual RRA meeting, Oct. 2000.  This paper is also available in a shorter version.

Capturing the Spirit of Catholic Parishes: A
Typology Based Upon Measures of Importance
Presented at the annual RRA meeting, Nov. 1999.  This paper is also available in a shorter version as well as the Parishioner Survey used in this study.

Being Creative: Diverse Approaches to Estimating Catholics
Presented at the annual RRA meeting, Oct. 1995

Changing Pastors: Does It Lead to a Change in Financial Contributions? 

Clark, Lynn Schofield

Exploring the Role of Media in Religious Identity-construction Among Teens

Cnaan, Ram

Philadelphia census of congregations and their involvement in social service delivery

Black church outreach: Comparing how black and other congregations serve their needy neighbors

Social and community involvement of religious congregations housed in historic religious properties: Findings from a six-city study

Coleman, John

The Bible and Sociology 

Davis, Nancy

Theological Modernism, Cultural Libertarianism and Laissez-Faire Economics in Contemporary European Societies

Dawson, Lorne

Doing Religion in Cyberspace:  The Promise and the Perils

Cyberspace and Religious Life:  Conceptualizing the Concerns and the Consequences

Anti-Modernism, Modernism, and Postmodernism:  Struggling with the Cultural Significance of New Religious Movements

Dobbelaere, Karel 

Towards an Integrated Perspective of the Processes Related to the Descriptive Concept of Secularization

Donahue, Michael

Belief Style, Congregation Climate and Program Quality
Written with Peter Benson

Duke, James T.

Latter-Day Saints in a Secular World: What We Have Learned About Latter-Day Saints From Social Research
From the Martin B. Hickman Outstanding Scholar Lecture, Brigham Young University, March 4, 1999

Dudley, Carl   home page for Dr. Dudley

Welfare, Faith-Based Ministries, and Charitable Choice

Charitable Choice
An article written for Christian Century and reprinted with permission, March 14, 2001

Significant Research:  When Information has Impact
The 1998 Presidential Lecture for the Religious Research Association.

From Typical Church to Social Ministry:  A Study of the Elements Which Mobilize a Congregation
The 1989 H. Paul Douglass lecture presented at a meeting for the Religious Research Association.

Ebaugh, Helen Rose

Structural Adaptations in Immigrant Congregations

Eck, Diana L.

On Seeking and Finding in the World's Religions

Fagan, Patrick F.

Why Religion Matters: The Impact of Religious Practice on Social Stability

Farnsley II, Arthur E.

Local Religious Ecology
An article that discusses urban ministries, focusing specifically on two urban neighborhoods.

Can Churches Save the City?  A Look at Resources

Fath, Sébastien 

An Example of Denominational Restructuration?

Finke, Roger

Accounting for the Uncounted: Computing Correctives for the 2000 RCMS Data written with Christopher Scheitle

The New Holy Clubs: Testing Church-to-Sect Propositions

Greil, Arthur

The Religious Response to Reproductive Technology

Greeley, Andrew

A compilation of articles is available within his web site.

Green, Norman

Growth and Decline in an Inclusive Denomination:  The ABC Experience
Written with Paul Light

Greer, Bruce

Strategies for Evangelism and Growth in Three Denominations (1965-1990)

Griffith, R. Marie

The Promised Land of Weight Loss

Hadaway, C. Kirk 

Did You Really Go To Church This Week?  Behind the Poll Data

Church Growth in North America: The Character of a Religious Marketplace

Denominational Growth and Decline
Written with David Roozen

New Church Development and Denominational Growth (1950 - 1998):  Symptom or Cause?
Written with Dave Roozen

The Growth and Decline of Congregations
Written with Dave Roozen

Do Church Growth Consultations Really Work?

Is Evangelistic Activity Related to Church Growth?

Individuals and Church Choice
Written with Dave Roozen

Hadden, Jeff 

Religion and the Quest for Meaning and Order: Old Paradigms, New Realities  From Sociological Focus vol. 28, Number 1, Feb. 1995.

Conceptualizing "Anti-Cult" and "Counter-Cult"

Why Do People Join New Religious Movements?
Social Science Models

The Anti-Cult Movement

Joining Religious Movements:  The Brainwashing Model

A large collection of other works by Jeff Hadden

Hart, Stephen

The Cultural Dimension of Social Movements

Religion and Politics at Century's End
A preface to "What Does the Lord Require? How American Christians Think About Economic Justice"(Buy it now)

Hayes, Bernadette

Religious Independents Within Western Industrialized Nations: A Socio-Demographic Profile

Hexham, Irving and Powe-Hexham, Karla

Charismatics and Change in South Africa

Hoge, Dean

Growth and Decline in Presbyterian Congregations
Written with Wayne L. Thompson and Jackson Carroll

Hoover, Stewart M.

Religion, Media, and The Cultural Center of Gravity

Holsinger, Donald B.

The Dividends of Religious Freedom: An Empirical Analysis of the Effects of Religious Liberty on Forty Years of Membership Growth for Three, Strict, Evangelizing Christian Religions

Huang, Jianbo

“Who Am I”:  Identity Tensions among Chinese Intellectual Christians

Inskeep, Kenneth

A Short History of Church Growth Research

Johnson, Benton

Theology and the Position of Pastors on Social Issues:  Continuity and Change Since the 1960's
The 1996 Religious Research Association Presidential Address

Johnson, D. Paul

The Gülen Hizmet Movement in Turkey: An Islamic Movement to Reduce Violence and Promote Tolerance through Education and Intercultural Dialogue

Johnson, Sister Mary

Baby Boomers and the Return to the Churches
Written with Wade Clark Roof

Kanagy, Conrad

Churched and Unchurched Black Americans
Written with Hart Nelsen

Kearns, Laurel

"The Context of Eco-theology," in Blackwell Companion to Modern Theology, ed. Gareth Jones. Malden, MA: Blackwell Publishing, 2004

"Saving The Creation: Christian Environmentalism in the United States," Sociology of Religion 57,1 (spring 1996):55-70

Kelly, James

Sociology and Public Theology: A Case Study of Pro-Choice/Profile Common Ground

Kopelowitz, Ezra and Israel, Yael

Why has a Sociology of Religion not developed in Israel?  A look at the Influence of Socio-Political Environment on the Study of Religion

Krindatch, Alexey

The Orthodox (Eastern Christian) Churches in the USA at The Beginning of a New Millennium

Eastern Christianity in North American Religious Landscape: Ethnic Traditionalism Versus Civic Involvement and Social Transformations

Lawson, Ronald

From American Church to Immigrant Church: The Changing Face of Seventh-Day Adventism in Metropolitan New York

Levin, Jeff

From Psychosomatic to Theosomatic:  The Role of Spirit in the Next New Paradigm
The ISSEEM Presidential Address

Light, Paul

Growth and Decline in an Inclusive Denomination:  The ABC Experience
Written with Norman Green

Luidens, Donald

Cash and Character:  Talking about Money in the Church

Lummis, Adair    home page for Dr. Lummis

“Heart and Head” in Reaching Pastors of Black Churches A paper presented at the Annual Meetings of the Association for the Sociology of Religion, Montreal, August 2006

Program and Policy Research Dynamics in Authority Contained and Dispersed Church Systems A paper presented at the SSSR-RRA Annual Meetings in Rochester, New York, November 2005

Numinous Experiences and Reflexive Spirituality in the Formation of Religious Capital Among Feminist Women Paper presented at the Annual Meetings of the Association for the Sociology of Religion Philadelphia, August 2005.

What Do Lay People Want in Pastors?  Answers from Lay Search Committee Chairs and Regional Judicatory Leaders from Pulpit & Pew, Research on Pastoral Leadership, Spring 2003

Brand Name Identity in a Post-Denominational Age: Regional Leaders’ Perspectives On Its Importance for Churches  A paper delivered at The Annual Meetings of the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, Columbus, Ohio, October, 2001.

The Art and Science of Subtle Proactivity: Regional Leaders and Their Congregations  A paper being presented at the Religious Research Association Annual Meetings, Columbus, Ohio October 2001.

Summary of Major Findings on a 2003 Survey of the NCC Justice for Women Network
Results of a 2003 survey with analysis and summary by Dr. Lummis.

Reaching Toward Wholeness II:  Highlights of the 21st Century Survey, The Participation of Women in the Episcopal Church   Presented at the 2003 General Convention, Dr. Lummis provided research analysis for this survey

Men's Commitment to Religion: Perceptions of its Nature, Nurture, and Consequences  A paper delivered at the Annual Meetings of the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, October 2003.

Women Clergy Research and the Sociology of Religion
Written by Adair T. Lummis and Paula D. Nesbitt and printed in Sociology of Religion, January 30 2001. 

Women, men and styles of clergy leadership
A summary of the Clergy Women study by Barbara Brown Zikmund, Adair T. Lummis and Patricia M. Y. Chang

The Role of Judicatories in Interpreting Denominational Identity A paper presented at the annual meeting of the Religious Research Association Boston, 1999 

Judicatory Niches and Negotiations A paper presented at the annual meeting of the Association for the Sociology of Religion San Francisco, 1998.

Women of the Cloth: A New Opportunity for the Churches A 1983 out of print book about changes that cultural images are undergoing as increasing numbers of women enter the ordained ministry of several Protestant denominations


Correlates of Belief in Reincarnation Among Christian Worshippers 

Marler, Penny Long

Testing the attendance gap in a conservative church

From Church Tradition to Consumer Choice: The Gallup Surveys of the Unchurched American
Written with Dave Roozen 

Martin, Wendy

Morality, Mystery, Meaning, and Memory: Decoding Audience Perceptions of Television and New Religiosity

Mason, Michael

Methods for exploring primordial elements of youth spirituality

Massignon, Bérengère

Regulation of religious diversity by the institutions of the European Union: from confrontation of national exceptions to the emergence of a European model

McConkey, Dale

Whither Hunter's Culture War? Shifts in Evangelical Morality, 1988-1998

McKinney, William

Religious Leadership, Religious Research and Religious Renewal
The 1997 H. Paul Douglass lecture for the Religious Research Association

Revisioning the Future of Oldline Protestantism

Miller, Donald E.

The Reinvented Church: Styles and Strategies

Moberg, David O.

Expanding Horizons for Spirituality Research

Molokotos-Liederman, Lina 

The ‘Free Monks’ Phenomenon: Music and Modernity in Contemporary Greek Orthodoxy

Musick, Marc

Theodicy and Life Satisfaction Among Black and White Americans

Neal, Sister Marie Augusta 

Pre- and Post-Vatican II scales
From Catholic Issues, an online journal.

Nelsen, Hart

Churched and Unchurched Black Americans
Written with Conrad L. Kanagy

Olagoke, Abolade Ezekiel 

Religion and Globalization:  African Christians in the United States

Olson, Daniel V. 

Religious Pluralism and Church
Involvement: Steps in the Exploration of a Changing Relationship

Religious Pluralism and US Church Membership: a Reassessment 

Learning from Lyle Schaller:  Social Aspects of Congregations

Change in American Religion  - A speech summarizing trends in American Religion. Delivered at Indiana University South Bend, February 5, 1992.

Congregational Growth and Decline in Indiana Among Five Mainline Denominations

Pettersson, Per

Long and short term values: the different function of long-term church relationships and one-off experiences

Phillips, Rick

Sociology Market Share and Mormon Church Activity

Pollard, Alton

Martin Luther King, Jr. in Sociological Context

Poloma, Margaret

Pilgrim’s Progress:  An Exercise in Reflexive Sociology
Paper prepared for "Integrating Spirituality and Social Science" Session at the Southern Sociological Society Meetings in Atlanta, GA (April, 2001)

The Spirit Bade Me Go: Pentecostalism and
A paper prepared for presentation at the Association for the Sociology of Religion Annual Meetings in  Washington, D.C.

Mysticism and Identity Formation in Social Context:  The Case of the Pentecostal-Charismatic Movement

Pilgrim’s Progress:  Reflections on a Journey
An article prepared for Testimonies from the Father’s Blessing.

Reviving Pentecostalism at the Millenium:
Harvest Rock Story

"The Pentecostal Movement"
A Chapter in "Christian Millenarianism: Themes and Perspectives" edited by Stephen Hunt

The Spirit and The Bride:  The "Toronto
Blessing" and Church Structure

Manuscript prepared for the Evangelical Studies Bulletin (July, 1996).

Gamaliel's Admonition and the Toronto
Blessing:  A Theo-Sociological Report

Article prepared for Rev. Dr. David Hilborn’s edited collection on the "Toronto Blessing".

Toronto Blessing
Entry prepared for the Dictionary of Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements; February, 1998

Charisma and Institution: The Assemblies of God  An article written for Christian Century

Putnam, Robert

Bowling Alone:  America's Declining Social Capital

Rahimi, Babak 

Dying a Martyr’s Death:  The Political Culture of Self-Sacrifice in Contemporary Islamists 

Ronsvalle, John and Sylvia

Giving to Religion: How Generous Are We?

Roof, Wade Clark

The Church in the Centrifuge

Religion and Narrative
The 1992 Religious Research Association Presidential Address

Religious Kaleidoscope:  American Religion in the 1990's

Baby Boomers and the Return to the Churches
Written with Sr. Mary Johnson

Roozen, Dave   home page for Dr. Roozen

Oldline Protestantism: Pockets of Vitality Within a Continuing Stream of Decline

10,001 Congregations:  H. Paul Douglass, Strictness and Electric Guitars
The 2001 H. Paul Douglass lecture presented at the annual meeting of the Religious Research Association.

Four Mega-Trends Changing America's Religious Landscape
A presentation at the Religion Newswriters Association Annual Conference, September 22, 2001

Denominations Grow as Individuals Join Congregations

Denominational Growth and Decline
Written with C. Kirk Hadaway

New Church Development and Denominational Growth (1950 - 1998):  Symptom or Cause?
Written with C. Kirk Hadaway 

The Growth and Decline of Congregations
Written with C. Kirk Hadaway 

Individuals and Church Choice
Written with C. Kirk Hadaway 

From Church Tradition to Consumer Choice: 

The Gallup Surveys of the Unchurched American
Written with Penny Long Marler 

A Study of Doctor of Ministry Programs
A 1987 study conducted under the auspices of Auburn Theological Seminary and Hartford Seminary's Center for Social and Religious Research (HIRR).

Empty Nest, Empty Pew:  The Boomers Continue Through the Family Cycle

The Political Frame
This is an exceptionally large file.  You may use the link above to read the article in its entirety online or choose to download this file.

Worship and Renewal: Surveying Congregational Life

Royle, Marjorie

The Effect of a Church Growth Strategy on United Church of Christ Congregations

Rozell, Mark

Uneasy Alliance: Conservative Catholics and the Christian Right

Rymarz, Richard and de Souza, Marian

Maintaining Identity: An Examination of Coptic Orthodox Young Adults

Sherkat, Darren 

Investigating the Sect-Church-Sect Cycle: Cohort Specific Attendance Differences Across African American Denominations  

Tracking the Restructuring of American Religion: Religious Affiliation and Patterns of Religious Mobility, 1973-1998  

Shriver, Peggy L.

A Binocular View of Religion and Research
The 1994 Religious Research Association Presidential Address

Shupe, Anson

The Reconstructionist Movement on The New Christian Right

Smith, Christian and Sikkink, David

Is Private Schooling Privatizing

Spickard, James V.

Rethinking Religious Social Action: What is "Rational" About Rational-Choice Theory?
From Sociology of Religion, September 4, 2000

Stark, Rodney

Secularization, R.I.P. (rest in peace)

Stoffels, Hijme

“Preachers’ kids are the worst”
Results of a Survey among Dutch clergy children

Stevens-Arroyo, Anthony M. 

Latino Barrio Religion
From Catholic Issues, an online journal.

Syncretic sociology: Towards A Cross-Disciplinary Study of Religion (1997 Paul Hanly Furfey Lecture)
From Sociology of Religion, September 5, 2000

Swatos, Bill

Implicit Religion
From Catholic Issues, an online journal.

Secularization Theory: The Course of a Concept
This essay provides an introduction to the secularization debate as it presents itself at the end of the 1990s. From Sociology of Religion, September 6, 2000 written with Kevin J. Christiano.

Swenson, Don

Religious Differences Between Married and Celibate Clergy: Does Celibacy Make a Difference? (The Roman Catholic Priesthood)

Talbot, Margaret

A Mighty Fortress
From the New York Times Magazine

Thompson, Wayne

Growth and Decline in Presbyterian Congregations
Written with Jackson Carroll and Dean Hoge

Thumma, Scott   home page for Dr. Thumma

A lecture on Religion and the Internet
Given at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, this lecture invited Dr. Thumma along with Rev. Charles Henderson and Elena Larsen to discuss how people are using the Internet for religious purposes.  You may also wish to visit the MIT website for a summary, transcript of the discussion, and an audio link to the lecture.

Megachurches Today
A Summary of data from the Faith Communities Today Project.

Nondenominational Congregations Study 
A compilation of information from the Faith Communities Today project and the Organizing Religious Work Project.

What God Makes Free is Free Indeed: Nondenominational Church Identity and its Networks of Support presented at an annual meeting for the Religious Research Association.

Nondenominational Congregations Today  A report from the Faith Communities Today project

Negotiating a Religious Identity:  The Case of the Gay Evangelical an article written for Sociological Analysis

Exploring the Megachurch Phenomena A section from Scott's dissertation describing what megachurches are, their characteristics, and their resonance with the modern cultural context.

Summary of a Survey of Church Webmasters Students from Hartford’s Seminary Fall 2000 course on Religion and the Internet surveyed webmasters from 63 U.S. congregational web sites representing Muslim, Jewish, Catholic, and both conservative and liberal Protestantism congregations. 

Walking the Cyber-Labyrinth  A talk on the implications of the web on our spiritual journeys.

"Connectionalism Beyond the Denomination:  Local Religious Ecologies and Beyond"  a paper presented by Scott Thumma

A lecture on Religion and the Internet
Given at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, this lecture invited Dr. Thumma along with Rev. Charles Henderson and Elena Larsen to discuss how people are using the Internet for religious purposes.  You may also wish to visit the MIT website for a summary, transcript of the discussion, and an audio link to the lecture.

Tinder, Glenn

Can We be Good Without God?  On the political meaning of Christianity

Voye, Liliane

Secularization in a Context of Advanced Modernity

Wang, Yuting

Religious Conversion to Christianity Among Students from the People’s Republic of China: A Comparative Study

Warner, R. Stephen

Approaching Religious Diversity: Barriers, Byways, and Beginnings

Immigrants and the Faith They Bring
Radical Middle
Why More Options Make us Less Happy
Multiethnic Mix

Welch, Michael

Participation and Commitment Among American Catholic Parishoners

Wheeler, Barbara

You Who Were Far Off:  Religious Divisions and the Role of Religious Research
The 1995 H. Paul Douglass lecture for the Religious Research Association

Willaime, Jean-Paul

Religion, State and Society in Germany and France

Williams, Rhys H.

Is America In A Culture A War?  Yes-No-Sort Of

Political Theology on the Right and Left

Wind, James P.

Leading Congregations, Discovering Congregational Cultures

Wittberg, Patricia

Declining Institutional Sponsorship and Religious Orders: A Study of Reverse Impacts

Wuthnow, Robert

Is There a Place for 'Scientific' Studies of Religion?

Church Realities and Christian Identity in the 21st Century

Divided We Fall: America's Two Civil Religions

Fundamentalism in the World

Pious Materialism: How Americans View Faith and Money

Rediscovering the Sacred:  Perspectives on Religion in Contemporary Society
*The full text of this book is provided at this link 

Small Groups Forge New Notions of Community and the Sacred

The World of Fundamentalism

What Religious People Think About the Poor

Many of Robert Wuthnow's other articles are available online at his homepage.  

Yamane, David

Narrative and Religious Experience
From Sociology of Religion, September 6, 2000

The Essential Half-Truths About Decision-Making in Legislatures:  Lessons For and From Religious Advocacy Organizations Keynote Address to the Wisconsin Interfaith IMPACT 20th Anniversary Year Consultation on Faith-Based Public Policy Work in Wisconsin, November 12, 1998.

Affiliation, Salience, Advocacy:  Three Religious Factors in Legislative Decision-Making
Paper to be presented at the annual meeting of the American Sociological Association in Anaheim, California, August 2001.

Melting Pots and Salad Bowls at Berkeley: Discourses of Multiculturalism and the American Cultures Course Requirement
Revision of a paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Sociological Association in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, August 1992.

Yang, Fenggang

Chinese Conversion to Evangelical Christianity: The Importance of Social and Cultural Contexts

Young, Lawrence

Assessing and updating the Schoenherr-Young projections of clergy decline in the United States Roman Catholic Church (The Roman Catholic Priesthood)

Zrinščak, Siniša 

Why, at all, Do We Need Religion? 
Religion and Morality in Post-Communist Europe

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FindArticles.com - Religion and Sociology Research This link is a listing of over 500 Sociology of Religion articles.  To research other topics or if you are having difficulty with this particular list, use their search option to create other topic specific listings.

Weberian Sociology of Religion

Electronic Journal of Sociology


Swiss Online Texts in the Sociology of Religion  
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Journal of Contemporary Religion  There are several issues of articles in this excellent publication available online.

Journal of Religion and Society

Journal of Southern Religion

Material Religion electronic journal  The articles in this journal while not directly sociological do have considerable interest to persons studying the sociological aspects of religious life.

First Things - An Ecumenical Journal of Religion and Public Life

The Program on Non-Profit Organizations at Yale University lists many of their publications on the web. Unfortunately, these are available only in paper format at a high cost, not in an inexpensive electronic form.

A comprehensive listing of online religion text sites can be found at Wabash Center's internet resources page.

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